Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama Speech

I've been trying to keep up with the Hillary, Obama race as best I can on internet resources.   And I must say, the more I hear Obama, the more impressed i am with him.  Just got this link  Obama speach: race relaions to a speech he gave (where, when i don’t know). I cried while reading it!! What a mature and honorable way to respond to the media magnified "association" accusations with his pastor. Not only does he not let himself get backed into a corner, but he uses this situation as an opportunity to really lead the nation to a higher discourse on this very relevant subject. I am fascinated, not only by his personal story, which is simply amazing, but by what appears to me to be the deep calling and gifting to integration that comes from this history. 

Hillary, although perhaps more polished and savvy, has neither been able to gain my trust nor inspire me.  I've never been a Clinton fan, tried to read her autobiography (never finished the whiny, self-defending, explaining away all the mistakes of their time in office book), and of course i haven't followed her political career from over here, so I am certainly no judge of her character or competence, but there is just something missing that is crucial to me for the trust issue.  And whatever that is, Obama seems to have it.  It is all through this speech.  Humility, transparency, not putting himself at arms length to the things that might be political disadvantages, but embracing his rather odd story and identity wholly and unabashedly.  And quite honestly, his manor alone (and of his wife) is enough to win me over.  I feel like I could just sit down over a coffee with him and have a conversation...the kind where both listen and are interested.  With Hilary, I have the feeling I better have some good one liners on hand or I will be served for dinner.  And of course there is the word that I am certainly not the first to use of her, but which does capture my impressions so far:  Polarizing!  

Well, I hope I figure out a way to vote this year.  For the first time in many elections, I actually want and am inspired to.   lee

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