Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"We're All Gonna Die"

Just found this link to a cool project (click on the title):

"100 meter long panorama picture of Berlin displayed online

Photographer Simon Hoegsberg spent 20 days on a bridge in Berlin taking photos of pedestrians from the same perspective resulting in a fascinating 100 meter long panorama image. The project with the rather gloomy title, “We’re all gonna die” captures the number of different styles and variety of people in Germany’s capital. The 100 meter long panorama photo features 178 people and was shot from a spot on a railroad bridge on Warschauer Strasse in the summer of 2007.

The Copenhagen-based photographer writes on his website that most people did not even seem to know that their picture was being taken.

The freelance photographer is no stranger to unique projects. In winter 2004, he packed a few belongings including his camera, pen and a notebook and set out to travel the 1700 kilometers from Copenhagen to the Mediterranean Sea with just 14 euros in his pocket."  Young Germany