Is a time we set aside on a Sunday every few weeks to share a meal with others, engage in creative conversation, pursue authentic community and encourage personal and cultural transformation.  (times and place at our website here)

We want to take time out of our busy week to share a meal with friends and make new friends. Everyone is welcome to share in what others have brought, and to bring something to share with others

Instead of being passive hearers of someone's monologue, we want our Sunday Brunch to be a time of lively conversation about each others lives, the things that are important to us, our wins and losses, our questions as well as the answers we’ve stumbled upon; a place to listen and be heard.

But we want to open up space for interacting beyond just talking and eating! We hope to tap into the playful artist in us all through games, creative projects and sharing our artistic talents with each other.

The more diverse the group is, the more we stand to profit from being together. In that light, all ages, genders, ethnicity's, colours, nationalities, biographies, sizes, and professions are welcome!

Because our deepest spiritual needs find nourishment in our communion with Christ, it is bound to happen that we will want to celebrate the ancient Christian ritual of breaking bread and drinking from one cup. Everyone is welcome to join us in this, but in no way expected or required to!

We embark on this adventure with the expectation that where true, deep community happens, it will change us in positive ways, and we will be challenged to leap out of the proverbial box and Think, Feel, and Live more deeply, becoming agents of change in our various communities and culture at large.