Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mozart's City of Birth Presenting...

Mozart's father that is.  And this recital took place this past Sunday on the same street where both he and his son have given concerts.  

Enough boring history!  We were proud as peacocks of our Christa.  Granted she is just a beginner, but aaaiiihhh, what talent, what beauty, what potential.  We are going on tour to play for the queen of England, Spain, France etc.  and have booked time at Abbey Road Recording studios.... in jest, in jest.  No, we don't want Christa to meet with the same fate as the young Mozart:  Genius, but dead.  

Fun aside, it is such a joy for me to see my children's talent unfold.  To see them prosper and flourish.  To see them explore and create.  The kids are growing into fine young people.  it is such a beautiful process to be a part of and an honor.  I am especially touched and awed by how they seem to gulp down life in huge swallows.  "Bring it on!" is just natural for them,  especially Christa.  I was so different.  Life became such a scary thing at such an early age, that I feel like I've spent the better years just learning to sip from the cup.  What a fun discovery that God has given us this big trampoline to jump and do flips on, that it is elastic rather than unyielding, stoney or brittle, so that we can have a blast... living deeply and reaching high:  life to the full.  This is what we can have.  This is what has been promised to us... and that is what my children are teaching me.  Go kids!!!

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